A book co-directed by Dr Ll. Aparicio reviews endometrial preparation methods in the search for success in reproductive treatments

  • 21-04-2021

Instituto Bernabeu’s medical co-director, Dr Ll. Aparicio, has co-directed the writing of the book "Endometrial preparation in assisted reproduction techniques" edited by Angelini, together with doctors Joana Peñarubia and Juan Antonio García-Velasco. 

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NEW IB NEWSLETTER: IB Researches. Sperm DNA fragmentation – Human Fertility

  • 14-04-2021

We have launched a new issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter "IB Newsletter". IB Researches. Sperm DNA fragmentation – Human Fertility

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Instituto Bernabeu exposes in the scientific journal Fertility and Sterility the ovary epigenetics in women with low eggs reserve

  • 31-03-2021

The team formed by doctors Belen Lledo, Jose Antonio Ortiz and Rafael Bernabeu have carried out an analysis on the epigenetic profile of women with low ovarian reserve which has just been published in the scientific journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) , Fertility and Sterility.

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Instituto Bernabeu has created IBgen POF, the most complete genetic study to diagnose ovarian failure and offer a personalised reproductive advise

  • 24-03-2021

Continuous research and the desire to improve the prognosis of those who trust the Instituto Bernabeu has allowed the clinic to develop the most complete genetic study of premature ovarian failure (POF).

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