Research by Instituto Bernabeu applies Artificial Intelligence to predict mosaicism and aneuploidies in the embryo

  • 02-06-2021

Artificial Intelligence has been revealed as a fundamental technological tool also in the field of reproductive medicine to, among other things, improve success rates.

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Dr Ll. Aparicio presents the main advances in assisted reproduction in the Spanish Fertility Society virtual meeting

  • 26-05-2021

Instituto Bernabeu’s medical co-director, Dr Ll. Aparicio, has participated in the first Virtual Seminar Groups of Interest SEF, of the Spanish Fertility Society held on May 19 and 20, 2021.

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The ESHRE-ASRM 2021 congress focus the debate of specialists in the PGT-A, the non-invasive biopsy and double stimulation.

  • 21-05-2021

Dr Ll. Aparicio, medical co-director at Instituto Bernabeu, has led a meeting in which Spanish gynaecologists have participated to discuss the most interesting aspects addressed in the ESHRE-ASRM congress. 

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Instituto Bernabeu talks about the pharmacist’s role in reproductive medicine to the UMH Pharmacy students

  • 19-05-2021

Pharmacy students at the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche have learned first-hand the pharmacist’s role in assisted reproduction and the work these professionals carry out in the laboratories of the Instituto Bernabeu.

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