IB will take 17 new lines of scientific progress to the Spanish Fertility Society's National Congress.

  • 18-05-2016

The 31st Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) National Congress will be held in Malagabetween the 19th and 21st May. It is one of reproductive medicine's most important events since it brings leading national experts together and the latest developments in the field are presented.


Instituto Bernabeu will be there to present 17 multidiscipline pieces of research work that have been accepted by the SEF scientific committee. These include 11 oral communications and 6 posters. The research was carried out in its entirety in IB as part of a commitment to scientific progress by all the experts who participate in each of the phases of reproduction treatment.


The team's involvement, both in patient healthcare and, in particular, in the use and research of new therapies and techniques which help to improve options of pregnancy with personalised treatment in each case, all translate into small steps forward (with particular emphasis on implantation failure or recurrent pregnancy loss and poor ovarian reserve) and which will be shared over the coming days.


The accepted research is indicated below:


1. New adenomysosis classification. B.Moliner. F. Sellers, L. Luque, JC. Castillo, J. Ll. Aparicio, R. Bernabeu.Oral Presentation.


2. Variability in embryo aneuploidy rates between consecutive CCS cyclesOrtiz J.A., Lledó B., Morales R., Turienzo A., Ten J.,Bernabeu A., Ll. Aparicio J., Bernabeu R. Oral presentation.


3. Recombinant or urinary FSH? FSH receptor genotype is key when making the choice. B. Lledo, P. Dapena, R. Morales, J. A. Ortiz, J. Guerrero, J. Ll. Aparicio, R.  Bernabeu. Oral Presentation.


4. Should embryos with chromosomal mosaicism in the trophectoderm be ruled out? R. Morales, B. Lledó, J. Ortiz, H. Blanca, J. Ll. Aparicio, R. Bernabeu. Oral Presentation.


5. The relationship between the parent's age and sperm and embryo aneuploydies. Fabregat A., Ortiz JA, Lledó B., Morales R, García-Hernandez E., Rodriguez-Arnedo A., Ll. Aparicio J., Bernabeu R. Oral presentation.


6. Embryo sex ratio is not altered in embryos biopsied on day 5 and day 6 of development. A. Rodriguez, J. Ten, J.A. Ortiz, J. Guerrero, Mª.C. Tió, J. Ll. Aparicio, R.Bernabeu. Oral Presentation.


7. The effect of embryo biopsy on clinical results in cryopreserved, chromosomally normal embryos. Mª.C. Tió, A. Rodriguez, J. Ten, J. Guerrero, B. Moliner, J. Ll. Aparicio, R. Bernabeu. Oral Presentation.


8. Are there differences in the number of eggs retrieved from poor responder patients who have used transdermal testosterone in patch or gel form? A.Mª. Castillo, J. Ll. Aparicio, J. Ortiz, M. Aula, R. Bernabeu, J.C. Castillo, L. Luque, Mª.D. Pérez.Oral Presentation.


9. Androgen serum levels in poor responder patients treated with transdermal testosterone. A comparison between patch and gel administration. A.Mª. Castillo, J. Ll. Aparicio, J. Ortiz, M. Aula, R. Bernabeu, J.C. Castillo, L. Luque, J. Guerrero.Oral Presentation.


10. How has attitude towards twin pregnancies in patients with reproduction issues changed? V. Cañavate, J. Ll. Aparicio, R. Bernabeu, G. Gosalbez, A.J. Ruiz, L. Peñaranda, R. Sanus, B. Bautista.


11. Slower developing embryos on day 5 should undergo elective vitrification.A. Rodriguez, J. Ll. Aparicio, J.A. Ortiz, J. Ten, Mª.C. Tió, J. Guerrero, R. Bernabeu. Oral Presentation.


12. A new adenomyosis ultrasound marker. F. Sellers, B. Moliner, J. Ll. Aparicio, A. Bernabeu, R. Bernabeu. Poster.


13. Accelerated video is a reliable method for uterine contractuality assessment prior to embryo transfer. B. Moliner, J. Ll. Aparicio, F. Sellers, L. Luque, AM. Castillo, P. Baviera, JC. Castillo, R. Bernabeu. Poster.


14. Letrozole as an alternative in endometrium preparation for cryotransfer.  B. Moliner, F. Sellers, L. Luque, JC. Castillo, J. Guerrero, J. Ll. Aparicio, R. Bernabeu. Poster.


15. A comparative study on the use of sperm bank semen versus the testicle FNAC technique in patients who have undergone a vasectomy, when using donor eggs.  B. Moliner, F. Sellers, J. Ll. Aparicio, A. Castillo, A. Bernabeu, P. Baviera, R. Bernabeu. Poster.


16. Does placement immediately before embryo transfer (afterloading) improve embryo retention and reproduction results in assisted reproduction techniques? JC. Castillo, MC. Tió, A. Castillo, P. Baviera, J. Ll. Aparicio, R. Bernabéu.Poster.


17. A comparison of the efficiency of oocyte vitrification using an open system and a closed systemJ. Guerrero, J. Ten, A. Rodríguez, J. Ll. Aparicio, R. Bernabeu.Poster.


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