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Digital meet-ups with our specialists

  • 04/06/20

In these extraordinary times in which we are living, in isolation, we want to be even closer to our patients so they know we remain at their disposal. If you are not yet a patient, but you would like to get to know us, you can also send us your questions.


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Online fertility consultations with video conferencing, so that isolation doesn’t stop your life plans

  • 04/02/20

We know that there are things that cannot wait, and distance and isolation should not be an obstacle. We offer you online fertility consultation, hand in hand with our specialists in the most advanced reproductive medicine. If it is not possible to see each other in person, through personalized attention via videoconference, you can carry out your first fertility appointment online or prepare the next steps of your case if you are already a patient. New technologies bring us closer and help us move forward with our personal goals.

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We are open for your needs: gynecology, fertility or pregnancy

  • 03/31/20

Sometimes, gynecological health requirements or pregnancy needs do not know of confinements and cannot wait, that is why we have especially enabled a few hours to be able to attend to your needs in person. You can carry out gynecological, fertility and pregnancy follow up consultations, as well as diagnostic or laboratory tests that may be required for a correct diagnosis.

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Instituto Bernabeu has put at the health authorities´s disposal all its medical and surgical material to combat the coronavirus

  • 03/28/20

Given the seriousness of the situation that our country and its medical professionals are facing to combat the pandemic caused by covid-19, all the clinics of Instituto Bernabeu have given to the health authorities all their medical and surgical equipment that may be necessary to combat coronavirus. 

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