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Instituto Bernabeu in Cartagena organises a medical event to address progress in treatment of uterine fibroids

  • 01/15/20

Instituto Bernabeu in Cartagena is organising a scientific event to address progress in the treatment of uterine fibroids. The event will be held on Friday, 31st January in the graduation room at the Polytechnic University in Cartagena. This is just one of many scientific events that the clinic regularly organises at its Cartagena branch. The purpose of the events is to improve knowledge of reproductive health.

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Ovarian rejuvenation: an opportunity for young patients suffering from premature menopause

  • 01/09/20

Instituto Bernabeu is set to employ a new technique that helps women under 35 years of age to have children with their own ova. These women are otherwise compelled to turn to egg donation

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Instituto Bernabeu travels to Portugal to address cases of poor responders and strategies for improving patients’ prognoses

  • 12/18/19

Instituto Bernabeu’s participation in events held in Portugal on 4th and 5th December focused on poor responders and new strategies to help women achieve a pregnancy.

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Instituto Bernabeu analyses if the number of ova obtained following stimulation has an impact on embryo quality

  • 12/16/19

Does the number of oocytes obtained following ovarian puncture have an impact on embryo quality? This is the question that a team of researchers from the Embryology Departments at Instituto Bernabeu in Alicante and Albacete and the genetics laboratory at Biotech asked themselves as they proceeded to study the results obtained in almost 400 cycles of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The research work was presented in poster format at the Association for the Study of Reproduction Biology (ASEBIR) Congress, a gathering attended by leading global experts. The research was based on the relationship between the number of oocytes obtained following ovarian puncture and the results of IVF treatment.

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