Vaginal microbiome

Alterations in the vaginal microbiome cause variation in the reproductive health of women

Microbioma vaginal

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What is the microbiome?

The microbiome is the group of microorganisms that live in our bodies and that work to maintain our health.

The microbiome is spread throughout our organs and any alterations in its equilibrium could cause a variety of pathologies.

What is the vaginal microbiome?

It is the microbiome located in the vagina and plays a role in the reproductive health of women. Its alteration produces different gynecological pathologies.

How is the vaginal microbiome studied?

From a vaginal sample taken by a gynecologist and using the most advanced genetic techniques, massive sequencing, all the microorganisms present in the sample can be identified. 

What benefits does it provide?

Knowing the microorganisms that make up the vaginal microbiome is beneficial to establish the adequate state of reproductive and gynecological health of women, since certain pathologies such as bacterial vaginosis and endometritis are due to the alteration of the microbiome. In addition, to achieve a full-term pregnancy and the birth of a child, an adequate microbiome in the female reproductive tract is required.. 

When is the test recommended?

For patients with a suspected alteration of the balance of microorganisms at the vaginal level. Endometritis, implantation failure and / or repeat miscarriages would be indicated for the determination of the vaginal microbiome in order to be able to adequately treat the patient and thus restore normal balance..