Our background

IB BIOTECH emerged from the understanding that progress in genetics helps to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hereditary disorders

Existing technology means that genetics is no longer a science that is accessible to only a small number of people; its huge advantages for health are now available to everyone.

By understanding ourselves better, we are able to design preventive measures, diagnoses and therapies that fit our singular identity so that we and our relatives can have an improved quality of life.

Our expert team of practitioners and the very latest technology help us to give you all the information and advantages that the world of genetics can provide in a simple and comprehensible manner.

Invest in health. Obtaining a genetic analysis can save you time and money and minimise the stress that undergoing unnecessary checks entails. You can use it to focus your healthcare on prevention of the illnesses to which you have a predisposition. A genetic analysis is an excellent investment.

IB BIOTECH might seem like a new company but it has extensive experience. It was created by independently developing the Genetics and Molecular Biology Department that already existed at Instituto Bernabeu S.L. reproductive medicine and gynaecology clinics. It already has a firmly established trajectory. In the Genetics Department, our experince with many techniques, especially PGD, has helped us to achieve some remarkable milestones, amongst others:

  • In the summer of 2004, birth for the first time in the World of a child free from hereditary blindness (retinoschisis).
  • First use of MDA in PGD and, in February 2006, birth for the first time in the World of a child free from Marfan syndrome, amongst others.

This department at Instituto Bernabeu also co-manages the Biotechnology Chair at the University of Alicante and performs vital R&D&I work.

As a result of its extensive work in the field of research, the company has published over one hundred pieces of scientific research work in leading scientific journals.

IB BIOTECH provides reproductive medicine clinics and private clients with answers to their needs in terms of practical, efficient and reliable genetics.

Our trajectory is based on daily medical healthcare and the understanding that, whilst molecular biology and genetics technology is necessary in order to treat many cases appropriately, it is not easily accessible due to its complexity and the cost that it implies for clinics.

IB BIOTECH has an extensive range of useful and practical services and we provide warm, quick and, above all, reliable answers.

We also wish to make the amazing possibilities in terms of diagnosis available to everyone so that we can stay healthy through prevention.

Anyone can find that, at some point in their lives, they need to have access to molecular biology and genetics tests that are not readily available nearby, or that they wish to know more about their own or their relatives’ genetic ID and the genes that pose a risk of heart disease, tumours or other disorders.

This enables preventive measures to be taken in order to combat inherited tendencies to suffer from illnesses and to avoid passing them on to offspring.

All we need to do in these cases is to collect the sample for analysis from your home. You will be given the very reliable answers you were looking for in no time at all.

Our values include:

  • A team of highly qualified staff who are experts in their field and have first-hand knowledge of medicine and reproduction biology; a team that is united in its drive for research, leading to an active presence in leading specialist publications and continuous training events.
  • Experience in the techniques we provide;
  • A vocation to serve the people who use our techniques, characterised by ease of interaction and efficiency in delivering reports and results;
  • Practical: focussed on useful techniques for practitioners and patients;
  • Ground-breaking technology both in our laboratories and in our computing systems;

Exquisite personalised treatment for health centres and private clients.