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DNA can tell us about the biological kinship between two people


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It is possible to determine what biological kinship two people have using just a simple saliva sample. Using a confidential, quick and convenient test, it is possible to know if there is biological kinship between two people. 

What are kinship tests? What do they entail?

Kinship tests consist of determining the genetic map of the two people who undergo the analysis. By comparing the two people’s genetic map, it possible to know what biological kinship exists between them.

Samples from both individuals are necessary in order to be able to do the test. A saliva sample can be taken using a simple cotton swab that must be sent to the laboratory so that DNA can be extracted from it. The test is performed using the DNA that is obtained.

When can kinship tests be performed?

The tests can be performed in order to determine kinships of any kind. For example, between grandparents and grandchildren, siblings or in other cases where any doubts about blood kinship exist and the results are needed for the purposes of inheritance cases, immigration cases and so on.

What possible results can a kinship test provide?

The results take between one week and ten days to obtain and they are entirely confidential. Their reliability depends on how close the relationship between the two individuals that have been tested is. The closer the relationship, the more conclusive the result.

What types of kinship tests are there?

There are different types of tests depending on the purpose for which they are performed. We have tests that are for private use or for informative purposes but that are not legally valid. Others, meanwhile, are legally valid.

What is a kinship test for private use only?

This type of kinship tests is not legally valid and it refers to the samples that the clinic is provided with. It is merely informative for the parties involved. The applicant can take samples from the comfort of his or her home. You can request a kinship test kit for taking samples. We will send it to you along with the necessary instructions or you can come and pick it up from any of our branches.

What is a legally valid kinship test?

This test is performed when an expert report including the names of all parties involved is needed. It can be used in a court of justice. In order for a kinship test of this kind to be accepted in a court of justice, it needs to have been taken and labelled correctly. Therefore, in this case, samples can only be taken by experts at our clinic or legal experts who must then label and store them in order to guarantee their authenticity and integrity at all times.

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