Ethical guidelines

We aim to make genetics accessible to society as a whole and deliver excellent results. We simultaneously aim to promote breakthroughs in biomedical science whilst always focusing on patient satisfaction and comfort

Quality policy

We run a quality health centre that combines healthcare with researchtraining and social activity. We are committed to providing patients, doctors and other clinics with comprehensive support using the latest techniques and courses of treatment in a comfortable and compassionate environment.

With this in mind, we have developed a number of quality guidelines that all members of staff must respect and adopt. They include:

  • Continuous innovation in terms of diagnosis and treatment;
  • Providing optimum results that have a minimal impact on the patient and that are appropriate for our organisation;
  • Prioritising and honouring the ethical criteria of patients’ rights to freedom of choice;
  • Providing optimum levels of service by consolidating our quality criteria;
  • Personalising client service and all courses of treatment in order to guarantee correct diagnosis and treatment;
  • Confidential and private personal data processing;
  • Optimum levels of organisation and inspection within our company, efficiency when performing tasks and clearly-defined roles and responsibilities;
  • Continuous training and encouragement for members of staff such that this has an impact on improved customer satisfaction.

The group's mission

We aim to be a model biomedical institution that is driven by clear ethical guidelines and managed in such a way that we achieve excellence results; an institution with a solid commitment to corporate social responsibility in terms of patients and colleagues, our members and our society.

The group's vision

We aim to be an excellent organisation that focuses on its patients, that is always progressing and that maintains a solid position and sustained market growth. The organisation will develop a place of cohabitation that provides occupational, social and personal wellbeing for everybody.

The group’s values

  • To have a team of highly qualified staff who are experts in their field and have first-hand knowledge of genetics and molecular biology; a team that is united in its drive for research, leading to an active presence in leading specialist publications and continuous training events;
  • Experience in the techniques we provide;
  • A vocation to serve the people who use our techniques, characterised by ease of interaction and efficiency in delivering reports and results;
  • Practical: focussed on useful techniques for practitioners and patients;
  • Ground-breaking technology both in our laboratories and in our computing systems;
  • Exquisite personalised treatment for health centres and private clients;

Innovation, imagination and creativity.