Corial biopsy: FISH and Cytogenetics

The research of corial vellosities of the foetus by means of FISH to fluorochromes. The analysis of the marking result through fluorescence microscopy lets us identify the number of copies for a certain chromosome and possible structural alterations. Using this technique in uncultured trophoblastic cells of a corial biopsy in just 24 hours, most frequent chromosome abnormalities can be detected, such us Down Syndrome, Edward Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, Patau Syndrome, etc.

In a complementary way, we carry out the determination of numerical or structural abnormalities in the complete chromosome dotation by means of the culture of the trophoblastic cells of the biopsy and the cytogenetic techniques. Therefore, a metaphase analysis is carried out from the cells in culture through the CTG banding technique.

After receiving a sample of the corial biopsy, in IB Biotech, in just 24/48 hours we will inform you about the result of the FISH, which will be completed with the genetic karyotype in the following 15 days.

How to send your sample?

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